The Floating Classroom provides opportunities for learning and leisure on London's canals

Recent grants

Here are examples of recent grants to organisations:

Relief in Need

Age UK

Advice and Support Services for those over 50

All Souls Clubhouse

Club Care Scheme for older people

Cara Trust

HIV services

Cardinal Hume Centre

Installation of a new wet room for residents

Central London Law Centre

Free legal advice service

Church Housing Trust

Hostel service for homeless men


Christmas shelter

Fare Share

Food distribution for Westminster charities

Glass Door

Provision for the homeless


Improving the mobility of the disabled


Law Centre Free legal advice service


Holidays for the severely disabled

St Anne's, Soho

Improved community facilities

St Cuthbert's Centre

Work with rough sleepers

St John's Hospice

Hospice at Home service

St Paul's, Marylebone

Boxing Day luncheon for the disadvantaged

St Vincent's

Family Project Facilities for the under-fives

Trinity Hospice

Community nursing service

Vital Regeneration

Unemployment advice cafe

West London Day Centre

Drop-in-Centre for the homeless

W'minster Befriend a Family

Volunteer befriending

Womans Trust

Counselling services for abused women

Zacchaeus 2000

Benefits advice service

Advancement in Life


Volunteer Reading in primary schools


Respite breaks for disadvantaged children

Centre for Young Musicians

Bursaries for Westminster students

Connection at St Martin's

City & Guilds Training Programme

Create Arts

Creative art workshops for children

Dream Arts

Creative art workshops for children

Soho Parish School

Playground redevelopment

St Andrew's Club

Recreational Facilities for young people

St Augustine's Primary School

Educational Field Trip

St Clement Danes Primary Sch.

Laptop Computers

St Johns Wood Playground

After school and holiday facilities

St Matthews Primary School

Educational Field Trip

U Can Do It

IT Training for the Disabled

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