Supporting clubs who work with young children in Westminster

Grants to organisations

As a local grant-making charity, we award grants to community organisations that assist disadvantaged residents of Westminster, or that provide further advancement in life for its young people. The Trust encourages applications from organisations that focus on practical projects with measurable outcomes.

How does the Trust work?

Applicants are advised to contact the Clerk to the Trustees to discuss their applications.

Following completion of the application form and submission of supporting documentation, representatives from the Trust may meet with applicants to explore the proposal in more depth. Supporting documentation should include a copy of the most recent Annual Report and Accounts, along with a budget for the current year.

Completed applications will normally be considered at the next scheduled meeting of the Trust's Board. (Currently these occur in March, July and November.)

Usually single grants of between £2,500 and £5,000 are awarded. Grants in excess of £5,000 may be made in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Board.

Grants can be used for either capital or revenue costs, such as to:

  • purchase equipment;

  • meet core costs;

  • underwrite refurbishment costs;

  • assist with start-up costs for a new project / initiative;

  • match other funding.

This is only an illustration of the purposes for which grants may be sought and further information is available from the Clerk. Successful applicants will be expected to submit a report of the use made of any grant awarded.

Please note, grants cannot be used to reduce financial deficits, unless there is a robust recovery programme already in place.

What type of work is the Trust unable to support?

The Trust will not normally support:

  • projects that do not have a definable benefit to disadvantaged residents of Westminster;

  • projects solely aimed at addressing the needs of asylum seekers;

  • projects that would normally be funded from statutory sources such as Westminster City Council, or a statutory Local Authority;

  • projects that are outside the London Borough of the City of Westminster, unless they have a definable benefit to its residents;

  • medical research and equipment;

  • animal welfare;

  • large national charities (except for independent local branches working for residents in the area of benefit);

  • work which has already been completed before the application was submitted;

  • sponsorship, fundraising events, or advertising;

  • funding for organisations to build their financial reserves.

How to apply

Click here to download an application form.


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