Privacy policy for individual applicants

The Strand Parishes Trust makes grants to organisations and individuals in order to relieve need and promote the advancement in life of young people in the City of Westminster. To enable Trustees to make decisions about the award of grants the charity needs to collect information from applicants.

When a person applies for a grant the charity asks them to give consent for personal information to be collected and recorded. All of the sections of the application form are required as the information helps Trustees to build an accurate picture of an applicant’s circumstances and helps identify the level of help that might be offered.

Information given to the charity is only used to decide whether or not to award a grant. It is not shared with any other organisation.

Application forms are kept for up to six years in order to preserve an audit trail and also a point of reference in case a further application is made to the charity.

Where an applicant receives a regular discretionary award the charity keeps their details for as long as they remain a beneficiary or potential beneficiary.

Applicants have the right to request a copy of the information that the charity holds about them. Please apply to The Clerk who is the Data Protection Officer.

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