Individual Relief in Need

Many schoolchildren benefit from our grants

To whom does the Trust make grants?

The Trust gives grants via sponsors such as the Social Services, Citizens Advice Bureau and other organisations where the subject of the application is:

  • disadvantaged through physical, or mental disability, or financial hardship


  • is resident within the London Borough of the City of Westminster


  • works / has worked in the City of Westminster.

How does the Trust work?

  • Sponsors and others are welcome to contact the Clerk to the Trustees to discuss applications and obtain advice and guidance.

  • Completed applications will be considered by the Clerk and a recommendation made to the Trustees, who will award a grant if appropriate.

  • Grants vary between £50 and £500 depending on circumstances. However, all grants are made at the discretion of the Trust and normally average £250.

  • The Trust will not normally consider more than one application for any given individual within a 12 month period; although there is discretion to vary this provision in specific circumstances.

  • The Trust does not normally accept applications direct from individuals (assuming eligibility in all other respects).

  • All grants are paid to the sponsor, who is responsible for ensuring appropriate use.

  • Alternatively, the grant can be made payable to a retailer and sent to the sponsor.

What elements of need is the Trust unable to support?

The Trust does not normally support:

  • individuals who are resident outside the London Borough of the City of Westminster (unless they work / have worked in the specified area);

  • individuals who have needs that would normally be funded from statutory sources such as Westminster City Council, or a statutory Local Authority;

  • grants requested for the clearance of debt;

  • holidays abroad.

General advice

Sponsors are encouraged to ensure that the application form is completed in full and provide as much information as possible (via an accompanying letter, where necessary). This will ensure that the application can be progressed swiftly.

How to apply

Click here to download an application form.


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