Individual Advancement in Life

We help young people buy essential equipment for their job


The Trust can award grants for purposes associated with education. However, our limited resources mean that these are restricted to relatively small sums.

Accordingly, the Trustees give priority to cases where the sums awarded can be most effective, such as the purchase of books, tools, instruments and essential equipment and clothing. Limited assistance with relevant fees and the cost of school trips can also qualify.

Applications are to be made in the form of a completed Grant Application: Individual Advancement in Life.

Where the application relates to a course / programme being undertaken by the applicant, a copy of a latest school report / tutor's report, or written evidence of enrolment on the relevant college / university course is required. An accompanying letter of support from a school, college, or social worker is also encouraged to allow full information to be presented.

Where the application is for tools or clothing and is not related to school / college courses, the application will need to be accompanied by certification (e.g. a letter of explanation, or support).

To whom does the Trust make grants?

Applications are accepted from individuals who:

  • are under 25 years of age;

  • seeking advancement in life through education or training;

  • can demonstrate the need for financial assistance, or that they are under financial constraints.

How does the Trust work?

All applications for assistance are initially screened by the Clerk to the Trustees, who can provide guidance throughout the application process. This ensures that all relevant information is available in an agreed format before requests are considered by Trustees.

One-off grants vary in amount up to a maximum of £500, depending on circumstances. However, all grants are made at the discretion of the Trust.

The Trust will not normally consider more than one application from any given individual within a 12 month period.

What applications would the Trust not normally support?

The Trust would not normally support:

  • individuals who are over 25 years of age. (It is suggested that applicants over 25 could apply for a general grant. See Grants: Individual Relief in Need);

  • individuals who are resident outside the London Borough of the City of Westminster, unless the applicant can provide evidence that he / she works, or has worked in Westminster;

  • individuals whose needs would normally be funded from statutory sources such as Westminster City Council, or a statutory Local Authority;

  • grants requested specifically for the clearance of debt;

  • medical, or dental electives

  • private school fees.

  • postgraduate study

How to apply

Click here to download an application form.


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